Creating a Statement in your Room

Sometimes you want your room to have that ‘pop’ and wow factor when a guest or family comes over and having a feature wall can help you do this.  This can be done in a number of ways, including adding a fireplace (particularly in a living room), a wood burning stove or using interior design techniques such as contrasting/prominent colours that will help you make a statement that everyone will love!

Wood Burning Stoves

No longer left to cottages or traditional styles, wood burning stoves have developed into more contemporary designs. You don’t need a surround or fireplace to work with – a piece of slate with a traditional stove can easily create a statement that will become the focus of a room.

You could also decide to mix and match modern and traditional styles to create a more unique style! Having a traditional gas or wood burning stove in a modern fireplace or room may create a design that has your name all over it. If your room is minimalistic in style, then putting a traditional stove will make it stand out all the more.

Traditional stove

If traditional is not something that you like, then considering a contemporary stove may be more up your street. Mix and matching again could create a style that you’ll love. If you have a traditional exterior and looking for a more contemporary interior then a modern style stove can complete a room.

Make sure that any stove that you may consider doesn’t overpower any room. Whilst you may want it to stand out, having something that takes up most of the room will make a room look smaller than it is. Look at specifications to see the size of a stove and mark it out in your room. If you have items that can ‘stand in’ for your potential stove use them and see how your room works. And make sure that it fits in with your family life – if you have kids make sure that it’s not in their way or can’t hurt themselves on it!


Fireplaces may be ideal if you don’t have the room or desire to have a Gas/Wood Burning Stove. Floating fireplaces, gas and electric, the choices are almost endless. Similar to the stoves, a contemporary design in a traditional room may stand out and likewise traditional in a modern or minimalistic room. Having a simple Oak or wooden beam as a mantelpiece above a more traditional fireplace could make for a stand out feature. Work with a designer or choose a fireplace for the overall look of a room that you’re going for.

modern stove

Electric Fires have the advantages of not needing a flue to be fitted and can generally be placed anywhere in a room. Coming in modern or traditional styles, with some replicating wood burning stoves, a style can be found for most rooms and designs.

Interior Design

If you decide not to have a fireplace or stove in your home then you can create a feature wall by contrasting or having more prominent colours on where you want the feature wall to be. Using wall art or wallpaper in a plainer room can also make a particular area of the room stand out. And if you don’t fancy putting wallpaper up (and who does!) then using something similar to canvas to put wallpaper on instead could become a feature without the hassle.

Whatever you decide to do – first and foremost make sure that you love it! Having something that is a considerable expenditure that you’re not entirely happy with is a waste of money, so make sure it’s something you will love over a long period.

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