About Us

Luxury living is something we all aspire too, at Classic Home Improvements we make it a reality.

Founded by John & Brenda Meacham, Classic Home Improvements, have over 25 years of experience within the home improvements Industry and the glowing accolades from our many past customers are a tribute to the success of this family business which puts clients first and always focuses on the highest quality of product and service.

During our 27 years trading we have gained a wealth of experience offering products and services to our customers. Completed projects include everything from a leaky tap to large property developers such as Countryside Properties. Our diverse portfolio includes; residential properties, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Whether you’re aim is to modernize an existing fireplace, kitchen, bathroom or a full home makeover we will stand out from our competitors. We have an unequalled ability to create original, personalised and stunning solutions to suit you.

At every stage our clients talk to the owners of the business, ensuring they are getting dependable advice and complete commitment to their requirements.


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Taking pride in our professionalism