We are pleased to announce the development of a new Thermostatic remote control option for all Gazo Riva 67 and 53 gas fires, the freestanding Riva F67 and the new Riva Vision small and Midi Stoves.

The new Thermostatic option is available in addition to the existing Standard remote controlled model, and at just a modest £50 retail premium.

Standard Remote
Control Features


4 adjustable flame heights

Choice of 3 heat settings

Thermostatic Remote
Control Features


4 adjustable flame heights

Auto Thermostat Mode – when set, the flame height will alter automatically to achieve the desired room temperature

Gap Temperature – default setting of 2°C. If the handset temperature display falls 2°C below the fixed temperature when in standby mode, the fire will automatically ignite the main burner on the low flame setting

Program Mode – allowing a daily or weekly operational program to be set

Safety Temperature – pre-set to switch the appliance off if the room temperature in which the handset is located exceeds 40°C

Child lock safety feature

This new Thermostatic system enables customers to program their fire or stove to perfectly complement their lifestyle and we feel it will prove a highly popular option with your customers.

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